Did you know that our repair skills go further than just cell phone repairs, computer repairs and tablet repairs? Yes, that is right! We also repair MP3 and MP4 players. At Nextgen Repairs in Jacksonville, FL, we can bring life back to your MP4 or MP3 player. We know how valuable these gadgets are for music and podcast lovers. Repairing the device is more practical than replacing a new one because all of your music and videos are stored here. Our technicians are prepared to fix all common and complex MP3/MP4 player issues at a reasonable rate. In addition to the price, the quality of our service is guaranteed with every repair we do. With this, we make sure to fix your MP3 and MP4 devices in a timely manner.

We pride ourselves on providing a hassle-free and convenient way to repair your MP4 or MP3 player. Call us now (904) 549-6899!

MP3 RepairsBelow is a summary of the services we provide for MP4/MP3 repair in Jacksonville, FL:

  • Cracked screen
  • LCD display problems
  • Visible damage
  • Outside casing replacement
  • Battery problems, fast drain, no charge, etc.
  • Connectivity issues
  • Volume control malfunctions
  • Stuck buttons
  • And More!

We do not just focus on fixing your gadget, we are always open to any other issues you may have about your MP3 player. We attend to any questions about your MP3 players, so you can ask us anytime! We value all our customers because we know how cool it is to have a working gadget that adds to a meaningful life.

It is always a wise decision that you let your MP3 be fixed rather than replacing it. There are a lot of advantages you can get when restoring it back into use. You do not need to reinstall your apps, music or videos. It is a fact that MP3 players, like all electronics, have their parts that are worn out such as batteries and screens and all of these can be repaired. We know how important your device is, so we always prioritize every repair that comes to us. We can fix all major-brand of MP3 players.

Below are the brands we commonly repair:

  • Apple
  • Archos
  • Creative Zen
  • Microsoft
  • Philips
  • Samsung
  • Sandisk
  • Sony
  • Vision
  • And much more!

Fast Turnaround and Quality Repairs in Jacksonville, FL

At Nextgen repairs in Jacksonville, Florida, we will have your MP3 player back in order in no time. We are known for our fast turnaround that no one can beat in the Jacksonville area. If you are bored because you stop from listening to your favorite music then visit us. We will fix your gadget as soon as possible. With Nextgen repair service in Jacksonville, our quick repair ensures that you will not miss any single moment in listening to your favorite music or any podcast. Our technicians are known for diagnosing and fixing every MP3 player so fast with a very affordable price. No matter how complex the issue is, bring your gadget to us. It is always practical to let your MP3 be restored than purchasing a new one.

We guarantee you that it will not take days for you to have back your MP3 player. You will not be deprived of your music for a long time. Our technicians are experts in what they do. With this, you will have your MP3 player back running in no time. They can deal with all sorts of MP3 player repair because they have years of experience in fixing this type of gadget.

Excellent customer service

We have the reputation of valuing every customer we have. We are dedicated to providing our customers an excellent customer service at all times. You can feel that we are focused on listening all your concerns about your gadget. Through our experienced technicians, we make sure that we have quality parts and we also offer a warranty on all our repairs. At Nextgen repairs, we have successfully repaired thousands of MP3 players and MP4 players. With this, we can assure you a repair that reflects what we aim for, the commitment to what we do.

Our technicians are also known to be very accommodating because they are open to any questions or concerns from our customers. They make sure that they listen to every customer because this helps in diagnosing the gadget. This has been one of the keys to making all our customers smile after we fix their gadgets. We believe that the value we give to every customer that we had makes us different to any MP3 repair service in Jacksonville, FL.

If you are in Jacksonville area, you can visit us and feel free to chat with our experienced technicians. They can immediately assist you in fixing your MP4 player or MP3 player. If you are not available for a visit, then you can send your gadget and we will contact you once we receive it.