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What to Expect From Apple in 2017: Radical New iPhone, Resized iPad, Refreshed iMacs, and More

What to Expect From Apple in 2017: iPhone 8, 10-Inch iPad Pro, Refreshed iMacs, and More

With the launch of the iPhone 7 and MacBook Pro, 2016 has been a mixed year for Apple. The iPhone 7 was released without a headphone jack, an unpopular choice that’s now been somewhat ameliorated by the launch of the AirPods, and the MacBook Pro has been plagued by battery issues, graphics problems, and complaints about the high price of the device.

Apple also saw its first decline in iPhone sales in 2016, but 2017 could potentially turn things around for the company. We’re expecting the biggest iPhone revision we’ve seen since the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launched in 2014, plus we’re also expecting major iPad changes, refreshed desktop Macs, and software improvements.

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Apple’s coming attractions in 2017: Radical new iPhone, resized iPad?

Apple will be busy in 2017 and reports already point to a bevy of new devices slated for consumers.

Let’s start with the device that has generated the most buzz: the 10th anniversary iPhone.

Overhauled iPhone: Apple is planning at least one new novel iPhone, according to Bloomberg and numerous other reports. The all-glass iPhone will sport an edge-to-edge display with an embedded virtual home button and be “stuffed with exotic technology,” according to AppleInsider, citing a “supply chain” source.

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Apple’s new TV app goes live on Apple TV, iPhone and iPad

Apple’s new TV application is now available to all users, thanks to the iOS and tvOS updates rolling out today. The app, first introduced this fall, offers Apple TV, iPhone and iPad users a single destination to access the TV shows and movies from across the apps you have installed on your devices, while also helping you keep track of favorites programs, search across apps, get recommendations, plus access your own iTunes library and the iTunes store.

The idea of a centralized application comes at a time when there are a growing number of streaming video applications available for watching TV on mobile phones, tablets and other connected devices. However, end users have been frustrated by the fragmented experience this multitude of apps offers – not only do you have to sign in or authenticate with your pay TV provider in order to watch on each one, it’s hard to remember which network’s app has your favorite shows and films.

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Game Changer: This New iPad App Allows Users to Make Instant 3D Scans of Any Room

The tablet is one of those devices that continues to surprise us. Each year, new apps are released that transform how we use this most ubiquitous of electronic accessories.
Canvas, a new iOS 3D scanning app created by Occipital, is one such game-changing app. The app is designed to work with an earlier product released by Occipital, a sensor that connects to the iPad named Structure. This 3D scanner, which connects to the iPad through the lightning port, uses infrared technology to make 3D scans both of spaces and individual objects.

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Apple 2017 Pipeline: New iPads, iPhones, and Macs!

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